1200 S. Donoho St., Clarksville, TX 76246

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Offering 1200 S. Donoho Street in Clarksville, Texas for $89,000!

Rents – $325/mo (No Official Lease Agreements signed)
Market Rents – $375/mo
Deposit – $3,000

This apartment complex is in CLARKSVILLE, TEXAS about 17 miles from Oklahoma, 30 miles from Paris, Texas, 60 miles
from Texarkana and 138 miles from Dallas. Ground floor apartment with 5 units.

New interior paint within all 5 units. Units has 2 bedrooms 1 bath with nice kitchen & bathrooms installed.

This property has 60% occupancy with 5 months vacant to the last unit. One unit is being made rent ready upon purchase with tenant move in ready. The vacant unit needs sheet rock, a new front door & cosmetics to make it rent ready! No major repair needed. Great location! Property sits in a nice neighborhood of single family homes.

*Tenants are responsible for utilities. Desperate meter for each unit.

*Property is under management & maintenance. He is available 24/7 upon work order request.

*Fee for services are 9% of monthly rents no additional fees apply.

*Taxes are up to date, Title is clean.
Insurance is not included in sale of property